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Graphic Design For Freelancing (Collaborative)

Graphic Design For Freelancing (Collaborative) ( Batch No : 1 )

Course description: This course develops the skills involved in Graphics design, the course covers to able freelancing work on online market place. The major fundamentals of design as Photo editing and Manipulation, typography, logo design and website layout design theory. Applicant will solve visual design and layout problems for various media requirements. 

After Completing:

Trainee will be able to

¬    Able to work on Marketplace as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer & Designhill
¬    Retouch & Edit photo using Photoshop & Illustrator
¬    Image manipulation using Photoshop
¬    Design Logo, Banner, Brochure & Business Card using Photoshop & Illustrator
¬    Create a complete Web template Using Photoshop and HTML

Course Outline:

Day -01:

  • Introduction of freelancing market place.

   How to create account?
   How to bid on projects.
   Payment method use.

  • Introduction of vector graphics and Illustrator details.

   Introduce with Illustrator interface


  • Online bid & work with client description.

   Logo design,
   Business card design,
   Banner Design.

  • How to create design idea.


  • Work with illustrator tools
  • Work with client.

   Design with client description.
   Submit design.


  • Introduce with Illustrator environment and files and navigation.

   Introduction to Vector Art
   Using Workspaces
   Using Rulers and Guides
   Using the Grid
   Creating a new document
   Editing Art boards
   Zooming with Illustrator
   Working with File Types
   Using Templates


  • Introduction to raster Graphic Design

   Different design tools: Photoshop
   Understanding what is layer
   Changing opacity & Fill Opacity of a layer.
   Changing the stacking order/ Arrange.
   Turning the visibility of layers on and off.
   Deleting /Duplicating /Aligning /Group Layer.
   Layer Mask and Clipping Mask.
   Layer Lock/Lock Transparent Pixel
   Blending Option.
   Clipping Mask.
   Filter – Type, Object etc.

  • Different tools of Photoshop
  • Knowledge of (Photoshop)    


  • Photo Editing (Image Retouch, Image Enhancement and Manipulation) (Photoshop)

   Introduction to Re-touch tools and technique.
   Basic Stamping Tool.
   Creating a Good Image.
   Lips & Hair Color Design
   Editing Techniques


  • Color Correction (Photoshop & illustrator)

   An introduction to Color Correction.
   Color Adjustment Layers.
   The Properties Panel.
   Fixing contrast with Brightness / Contrast.
   Fixing color casting with Color Balance.
   Fixing the white and black points with Level's auto option.
   Adjusting the opacity of a color adjustment layer.


  • Create account on fiverr.

   Work on all kind of photo editing, Photo retouching for client.

  • Create a gig on fiverr.


  • Digital marketing for graphics design.

   How sell design & get job from different market place.
   How to use digital marketing for graphics design.


  • Do a Project for marketplace. (Photoshop)

   Check the full document and finalize which part you need to make images. 
   Also check which Image need to make PNG and which image can make JPG. 
   Make a folder give the name images/img for save all images.


  • Do a Project for marketplace.( Photoshop & illustrator )

   Design with client demand.
   Using mockup & presentation design for online marketplace.


  • Do a Project for marketplace. ( Photoshop & illustrator )

   Design with client demand.
   Using mockup & presentation design for online marketplace.

Course Details

  • Starting Tentative Date:2019-04-11
  • Last Application Date : 2018-04-10
  • Price: BDT 10000
  • Total Class No: 12
  • Training Schedule Info:
    Sun - 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM
    Tue - 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM
    Thu - 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

  • Md. Raihanul islam Md. Raihanul islam (Trainer)