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Web App Development with Laravel & Vue (Collaborative)

Web App Development with Laravel & Vue (Collaborative) ( Batch No : 2 )

This course is specially designed to update technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of Web Developer (PHP track) occupations of the Job sector. The course will be implemented to ensure at least 100% of total contact hours on practical/hands on skills training or practice.

What else makes this course different?

  • Practice Front End & Server Side Framework separately.
  • Practical knowledge about a website real time functionality
  • Practice ECMA-6 Standard JavaScript.


Course Objectives:

  • After complete this course applicant will able to create any kind of dynamic website and small web application. And will be able to learn how to make modern web technologies and websites.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript(ECMA-5).

Early Bird Registration Going on Valid Until 30th November Taka @13000/=


Course Outline Description:

 Understanding server side technology.
 PHP history.
 PHP development environment.
 PHP Basic Syntax.
 PHP Variable & Data Type.
 PHP Operator
 PHP Statement

 PHP Array
 PHP Function
 Popular String related Function.
 Popular Array related Function.
 Understanding the concept of OOP
 Introduce to Class
 Introduce to Property
 Introduce to Method.

 Introduce to Object
 Understanding the concept of Encapsulation.
 Understanding the concept of Inheritance.
 Understanding the concept of Trait.
 Understanding the concept of Interface.
 Understanding the concept of Abstract Class.
 Introduce to magic method.

 Understanding the concept of Namespace.
 Introduce to Composer.
 Introduce to Autoload.
 PHP super global Array.
 Basic input & output.

 Basic Structure of Procedural PHP Project.
 Class Task complete with Object oriented PHP 

 Introduce to Database Server.
 Introduce to MySQL Database Server.
 Create database, table inside the Database Server.
 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL).
 Perform action through SQL inside Database Server.
 Introduction to CRUD operation.
 Data Save into the database server.
 Data Retrieve form the Database Server.

 Data edit & update.
 Data Delete.
 Understand the Session
 Understand the Login Concept.
 Create secure Login Panel.

 Understanding the concept of framework.
 History of PHP framework.
 Popular PHP framework.
 Introduce to MVC
 Why Laravel.           
 Laravel installation. 
 Project folder structure.
 Route Introduction & Route Naming.
 Request Lifecycle.
 Resource view route.

 Data Passing process without controller.
 Artisan command & Create Controller Class.
 Data Passing process with controller.
 Introduce to App Service Provider Class.
 GET & POST Request.
 Introduce to Blade Template Engine.
 Introduce to directive Blade Template Engine.
 Laravel Blade Templating.
 Template Mastering.

 Introduce to Auth Class.
 Install Auth Class
 User registration
 User Login
 Introduce to Migration, Schema, and Blueprint.
 Create migration file.
 Prepare migration file for creating table.

 Introduce to Quire builder & Eloquent ORM in Laravel.
 Create Model Class with migration file.
 Data insert in the database through Quire builder & Eloquent ORM.
 Data Retrieve from database through Query Builder & Eloquent ORM.
 Data Edit & Update through Eloquent ORM & Query Builder.
 Data Delete through Eloquent ORM & Query Builder.

Day-13 (Project Work - Blog Site):
 Discuss about SDLC.
 Database Configuration.
 Add Admin Panel
 Admin Panel Customization

 Create Table in Database
 Introduce to Factory, Faker & Seeding.
 Generate Dummy Data using Laravel factory
 Database relationships: One to one, One to many

 Install Vue Router
 How to use Vue Component
 Create component with Vue Routing.

 Laravel and Vue Js Mix Routing
 Category List Page Design with Vue.
 Add Category page design using Vue component.
 Validate form and save data using axios

 V-form with ajax request
 How to add sweet alert
 How to setup vuex in laravel project
 Category list display using vuex

 Install Moment Js with Vue Filter
 Delete Category using Laravel Vue Js
 Edit Category using Laravel Vue Js
 Delete category using checkbox

 Category List Update
 Post List Design
 Display post list using laravel vuex
 Display post filter using laravel vuex

 Add new post design
 How to add mark down editor
 How to save post
 How to add image intervention

 How to delete post with image
 How to edit post
 How to update post
 How to use middleware

 How to use vue component in home page
 Frontend vue routing
 How to load sidebar and display post

 How to display single post using vue router
 How to display category with latest post
 How to display category with post

 How to implement real time search
 Real time search using debounce function
 Problem finding and solving

Course Details

  • Starting Tentative Date:2019-07-28
  • Last Application Date : 2019-07-27
  • Price: BDT 15000
  • Total Class No: 24
  • Training Schedule Info:
    Sun - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
    Tue - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
    Thu - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • Afjalul Ahsan Afjalul Ahsan (Trainer)