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Full Stack Web Development in .NET

Full Stack Web Development in .NET ( Batch No : 1 )

This course is entitled for the developers who want to work in full development cycle of a web application .net project. After completing this course the trainee will be able to work in a project's life cycle.

Starting the Journey


What is Full Stack Software Development?

Career Opportunity for a Full Stack Software Engineer.

Understanding Project Development Life Cycle

Focusing on Team Management on Agile Methodology

Requirement Gathering and Use Case Design


Front End Attack

Be a User Friendly Developer and Understand the User Experience(UX)

Designing a rocking Web Site with HTML CSS Bootstrap

Interacting Design with JavaScript

Understanding on Modularize JavaScript

Interacting Application with jQuery

Single Page App Development with Angular2


Grip Programming on C#.NET

Object Oriented Design Concept

Object Oriented Design Implementation on C#

Event Delegate and Lambda Expression

Extension Method


Exception Handling

Asynchronous Programming in C#


Database Operations with Entity Framework

Entity Framework

Code First

Database First

Which is better Code First or Database First?

Lazy Loading

Eager Loading

Explicitly Loading

Immediate Execution
Deferred Execution

Calling Store Procedure with EF




Web Application on ASP.NET

Building Web Application with ASP.NET MVC

Authentication and Authorization with ASP.NET Identity

Security Guideline for ASP.NET Application

API Centric Mindset

Understanding OWIN and KATANA

Building API with WEB API

Integrating Application with API and WebHooks

Real-time notification management in your application with SignalR

Manage Push Notification from other platform through WebHooks


Unit Testing

Ensuring Code by Unit Testing

Test Driven Development Guideline




Software Practices

Make your application SOLID

Guideline for cleaning your code through Refactoring

Manage application like a pro with Architectural Design Patterns

Repository Pattern and Unit of Work

Factory Pattern

Observer Pattern


Decorator Pattern



Designing Report with Reporting Tools - Rdlc.

Displaying report with ASP.NET MVC5



Deploying your web application on Server.

Course Details

  • Starting Tentative Date:2017-12-08
  • Last Application Date : 2017-12-07
  • Price: BDT 25000
  • Total Class No: 20
  • Training Schedule Info:
    Fri - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
    Sat - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

  • Shirajul Islam Mamun Shirajul Islam Mamun (Lead Trainer)