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Web programming with JavaScript (ECMA-5)

Web programming with JavaScript (ECMA-5) ( Batch No : 1 )

The main objective of this course is to update & clear the concept of row JavaScript ECMA-5 standard, its library & its framework. This course also describe the necessity of front end framework of any medium to large project. Beside this this course also describe Ajax process that will be very helpful for web developers. Through current version of JavaScript language standard is ECMA-6 but we practice ECMA-5 standard because ECMA-6 need to compile their instruction. For better understand this we need to do a particular hour practice in ECMA-5. So to make yourself update in ECMA-6 this course is the best opportunity.

Part One: Row JavaScript


  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. JavaScript programming language or scripting language
  3. JavaScript is a client side language
  4. JavaScript History
  5. Where To Write JavaScript
  6. Tools or Environment for JavaScript.


  1. JavaScript Code Structure, JavaScript code interpreted or compiled.
  2. JavaScript Syntax.
  3. HTML in JavaScript.
  4. Sending messages to the console.
  5. Creating variable in JavaScript.
  6. Operators in JavaScript.


  1. Conditional in JavaScript.
  2. Repeated statement in JavaScript.
  3. Functions in JavaScript


  1. Working with Arrays.
  2. Working with numbers.
  3. Working with strings.
  4. Working with dates.
  5. Working with objects.
  6. Basic input & output.


  1. Basic Calculator with JavaScript.
  2. Create odd even series with JavaScript
  3. Summation of series.


  1. What is the DOM
  2. Working with nodes and elements
  3. Accessing DOM elements
  4. Changing DOM elements
  5. Creating DOM elements


  1. Introduction to JavaScript event handling.
  2. Working with on click and on load events.
  3. Working with on blur and on focus events.
  4. Working with timers.
  5. Complete form validation using JavaScript.
  6. Hiding and showing form sections.


  1. Common JavaScript errors.
  2. Using Firebug.
  3. Going through a debugging session.
  4. CSS and JavaScript
  5. Removing and applying CSS classes.
  6. Changing inline styles
  7. Creating dynamic HTML Element.
  8. Creating Slider through JavaScript.

Part Two: JQuery


  1. What is JQuery
  2. Why we use JQuery
  3. JQuery Installation
  4. JQuery Basic Syntax


  1. JQuery ID Selector
  2. JQuery Element Selector
  3. JQuery Class Selector
  4. JQuery Attribute Selector
  5. JQuery Attribute Value Selector


  1. JQuery case insensitive attribute selector
  2. JQuery input vs input
  3. JQuery checked selector
  4. Select values of checkbox group with JQuery
  5. JQuery get selected checkbox text
  6. JQuery selected selector.


  1. JQuery each function
  2. JQuery method chaining
  3. What is JSON
  4. Convert JSON object to string
  5. Convert JSON string to PHP object.


  1. JQuery DOM manipulation methods
  2. JQuery wrap elements
  3. JQuery append elements
  4. JQuery insert element before and after


  1. JQuery add or remove class
  2. JQuery map method
  3. Difference between each and map in JQuery
  4. JQuery change event


  1. JQuery mouse events
  2. JQuery event object
  3. JQuery to detect which mouse button clicked
  4. Binding event handlers in JQuery
  5. Binding event handlers using JQuery on method
  6. Passing data to event handler in JQuery


  1. JQuery add event handler to dynamically created element.
  2. JQuery event delegation
  3. JQuery how to check if event is already bound
  4. JQuery scroll event
  5. JQuery image gallery
  6. JQuery image slideshow with thumbnails


  1. JQuery floating div
  2. JQuery show hide password
  3. JQuery animate function
  4. Increase decrease font size using JQuery


  1. Introduction to Ajax
  2. Ajax process
  3. Row Ajax
  4. JQuery Ajax

Part Three: Vue JS


  1. What is Vue JS
  2. Declarative Rendering
  3. Creating Vue instance
  4. Creating data & methods in Vue
  5. Instance lifecycle hook


  1. Click Event.
  2. Vue Methods
  3. v-if & v-else
  4. Vue Loops


  1. What is Web pack
  2. Install nodejs in system
  3. What is Vue CLI
  4. Install Vue cli in system global
  5. Create a Vue project with Vue CLI.


  1. Vue single file component.
  2. Install Vue router
  3. Configure Vue router
  4. Create an instance of Vue Router
  5. Create a calculator with Vue JS


  1. Introduction to front end framework.
  2. Build a static site with Vue JS part one.


  1. A static site design with Vue JS part two.

Course Details

  • Starting Tentative Date:2018-02-19
  • Last Application Date : 2018-02-19
  • Price: BDT 10000
  • Total Class No: 24
  • Training Schedule Info:
    Mon - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
    Wed - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • Md. Habibur Rahman Md. Habibur Rahman (Trainer)